Institut du Nouveau Monde, Québec (INM)

Institut du Nouveau Monde is a not for profit and non partisan organization

whose mission is to promote citizen participation and the renewal of ideas in Québec.

INM works for justice and social inclusion, respecting democratic values, open-mindedness and innovation. Through its actions, INM promotes active citizenship, increased civic duty, enhanced social cohesion and individual empowerment, and the development of democratic institutions.

INM was established on the 22nd of April 2004 in Montréal with the participation of 300 citizens.

Increasingly, citizen participation is seen as the best way to revitalize democracy, improve public policy and services, and create conditions that allow for social innovation, develop individuals’ capacities, reinforce social fabric, and re-instate a sense of civil responsibility. To make this possible, INM forges new methods, builds transferable expertise, and creates models for dialogue and participation.

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