Co-opoly Education Kit


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Extend your Co-opoly experience and teach players more about co-ops! We have developed these educational resources to be implemented alongside Co-opoly, for use wherever learning happens (in schools, at home, during a meeting, in community centers, and beyond). The Co-opoly Education Kit has hours of bonus materials.

Here’s what you get in the kit:

  • Our original Co-opoly Teaching Guide. This resource includes three workshops to guide you through gameplay while making your conversations about cooperatives and cooperation deeper. Also included are conversation guides to prompt players to reflect on gameplay, as well as suggestions for projects that the group can pursue together to learn more about the cooperative world.

  • Our second Building Strong Cooperatives Teaching Guide. Whether you want to introduce people to cooperatives and cooperation for the first time, or you’re looking to engage experienced cooperators, you can use this teaching guide to create powerful and fun learning experiences. Included are additional workshops that help participants learn the fundamentals of cooperatives; activities that are easy to use in formal and informal setting; interactive and engaging worksheets; materials that address subjects such as cooperative principles, decision making, successful meetings, etc.; and more.

  • Our third Exploring Cooperatives & Cooperation with Youth Teaching Guide. Whether you’re teaching in a classroom, running an after school program, participating in a camp, or working alongside youth in any other way, we’ve designed this especially for you. Included are even more dialogue-based and interactive workshops; short, fun activities; thought-provoking worksheets; and more.

  • A digital copy of our What is a Co-op? booklet, which you can print our as many copies of as you need.

  • Eight unique “storytelling” Co-opoly cards, not available anywhere else, and two accompanying activities specifically designed to engage people in subjects such as starting a co-op, conflict resolution, managing growth, how to practice cooperation, and more.

  • A « Design Your Own Version of Co-opoly » tool. Want to make a version of Co-opoly that is all about you and your community? With this kit and a copy of the game, now you can! Create your own version of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives so that it can take place in whatever setting you prefer, facing whatever kinds of situations you’d like, with the help of our user-friendly guide. You will be able to create game components that are relevant to you, and all of the elements of Co-opoly can represent you from the beginning to the end of the game.

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