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Resumen :

Established in 1994, the Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej (Center for Citizenship Education, CCE) is a non-governmental educational foundation. CCE works to promote values of civic knowledge, practical skills and attitudes that are necessary for democratic state founded on the rules of law and civil society. CCE also operates as a non-profit teacher-training institute registered with the Ministry of National Education.



CCE believes that a quality education in schools will:

→ Provide knowledge about social, political and economic life;

→ Develop creativity and build critical thinking skills;

→ Help students develop higher self-esteem;

→ Allow students undertake teamwork and other important social activities;

→ Teach responsibility and regard for a common good.


In addition, Center for Citizenship Education develops and introduces into Polish schools the most innovative school curricula in the fields of civic engagement, history, law and economic education, and it is responsible for many activities targeting teachers, students and local authorities. Currently, CCE runs over 25 nationwide educational programs in elementary and higher secondary schools.

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