Patras, Greece - Hellenic Open university (HOU) – Postgraduate Program in “Social and Solidarity Economy” - Κοινωνική και Αλληλέγγυα Οικονομία (ΚΑΟ) - ΕΑΠ

The Master postgraduate program on Social Solidarity Economy (Msc SSE)

is an interdisciplinary course that includes a wide spectrum of social sciences and in particular Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Geography and Psychology. At the educational level, there is a dual goal both academic and applied-practitioner oriented. On the one hand, the program intends to offer specialized theoretical and research knowledge in an internationally expanding scientific field and on the other hand to provide specialized practical, technical and applied knowledge.

As a result of this dual orientation, the course intends to foster the formation of experts with the required knowledge and skills able to further theoretical and empirical knowledge as well as apply the principles, values and practices of Social Solidarity Economy in manifold ways: starting up SSE initiatives, upgrading the operation of existing initiatives, counseling other interested persons in setting up new SSE endeavors, designing local ecosystems for the development of SSE practices, counseling local and governmental authorities and staffing SSE support centers.