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Article from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - October 2021

Françoise Wautiez, octubre 2021

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Resumen :

As you may know, the website is a database of documentary resources on the SSE. It has the particularity to be in 5 main languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, thus giving a wide range of contents. The pages are not translations of each other, each is autonomous and contains its own content. In addition to these 5 main languages, you will also find documents in Catalan, Greek, German, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Russian, Romanian and Basque.

Collaborations with other sites

Created 10 years ago, the site has over 35,000 references on the SSE. To do this, over the years, collaborations with other databases related to the social and solidarity economy have been set up.

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