Community-based tourism: Find other forms of accomodation

Article from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - January 2022

Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, enero 2022

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When you travel, do you contribute to the well-being of local populations? Do you have a sustainable and fair attitude towards the country you are visiting? Do you respect its cultural integrity, its fauna and flora, its trade, its customs…? Have you ever wondered about the negative effects of your travels? Effects on water, air, cultural heritage, gender equality, rising price of living and housing for the local communities etc. Responsible and solidarity tourism encourages you to turn your travels, not into a consumer product, but into a practice of rapprochement between travelers and communities that respects the host country both environmentally, culturally and socially.

As a result of this and in response to the need to stop gentrification, different initiatives and collaborative platforms have been emerging. More specifically, in 2016, as a result of the issues generated by accommodation sharing platforms, a social movement called Fairbnb was initated in order to foster sustainable tourism by creating an alternative to these platforms in cities like Venice, Amsterdam and Bologna, three cities with high tourist numbers.

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