Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria


Desperado Pérez, 2012

Resumen :

The social composition of the « indignados », young people with no hope, is shifting towards « desesperados », - desperate -, the number one victims of the crisis: women, older workers, less skilled, less educated. These people are going below the level of poverty and we see outbreaks of humanitarian crisis in developed countries. Desperados may easily go outlaw and express their anger with violence. This may make the Transition towards the new economy more difficult.

Political action has to shift from political debate to supporting the desperados. New economy models, rooted on solidarity, would be proven at providing visible solutions to the extreme case of the desperados. A new monetary system should be tested along it. The new monetary system would be the ultimate aggregator allowing consolidating the new solutions in no-return solutions. This large scale test bed should become the show case convincing the vast majority of the 99%, but still living in the system and voting conservative left, that the transition can be a peaceful and safe transition, and reversing the vote into the Constitutional changes that would be necessary for the so called « Great Transition ».

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