Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria

The Reality and Perspectives of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the City of Praia

CITI-Habitat (in partnership with GSEF), mayo 2018

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Resumen :

he Municipality of Praia, since the institutionalization of Democratic Local Power in Cape Verde on December 15, 1991, no policy to promote and develop the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) has been implemented. Consequently, there has been no specialized service on the matter or a database on the existence of formally constituted organizations of Social and Solidarity Economy, nor the dynamics and impact of its interventions in improving conditions of the poorest populations and in the overall development of the Municipality has been much acknowledged. However, partnerships and relationships have been established, mainly with associations and NGOs, in the implementation of community projects and investments and social support activities in the areas of social housing, pre-school education, health education, drinking water supply, basic sanitation, sport and culture. It also works in collaboration with NGOs and associations dealing with care for the elderly, at-risk children, the homeless and people with disabilities. There has been no financing for income-generating activities carried out by Social and Solidarity Economy organizations. The present study establishes a basis to help the Municipality of Praia to adopt a municipal policy for the promotion and development of the Social and Solidarity Economy, as well the study will contribute to the structuring of the informal economy, strongly developed in the City of Praia. Therefore, the recommendations and conclusions of this study constitute priority axes for the formulation of a Program for the Promotion and Development of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the City of Praia.

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