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Expanding the resource site

A resource site becomes productive when a real dynamic builds up around it. It grows through a process of sharing. We are therefore very keen for you to help improve the site by sending us documents that you would like to share with a wider audience.

Information we need to ensure that documents’ contents and authorship are respected:



Type of document: (analysis, public contribution, case study, charter/manifesto, reading notes, proposal)

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Document sources: exact references for published texts, for example, reference website, etc.

The document itself.

The case studies, a specific case
You can contribute also by describing your intitiative using the form below, adding photographs or videos if possible. The idea is to boost the visibility of the social and solidarity economy as well as to show that the solutions offered by the SSE are present in the entire economic spectrum as part of the SSE’s mission to meet people’s needs.
The description will be geolocalized on the SSE solutions map and available also by author, country, keywords, etc.

Improving the SSE encyclopedia

If you specialise in an SSE area, why not help improve the SSE encyclopedia by contributing new definitions, adding to existing definitions or adding an SSE actor?

What is Solecopedia?

Solecopedia is an initiative working to build up an international knowledge base on the initiatives, ideas and values linked to a social and solidarity-based economy, an ecological economy.

It provides actors and researchers in different countries, cultures and sectors with a tool for sharing ideas and discussing the practices and concepts of a sustainable economy rooted in solidarity.

How can I contribute?

Go to At the bottom right, click on Help to create your account and contribute to a collective and international knowledge tool that provides short definitions to supplement the documents and resources on the resource site.