Xarxa d’Economia Solidària de Catalunya (XES)

The Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia (Xarxa d’Economia Solidària de Catalunya - XES) is a second-tier organisation made up of more than 300 members, including entities and individuals. It defends an economic system that respects people, the environment and territories and operates under democratic criteria of horizontality, transparency, equity and participation. The solidarity economy contemplates a new way of producing, distributing and consuming, and represents a viable and sustainable alternative to satisfy individual and global needs. The XES began to take shape in the mid-1990s, in a process initiated between Catalan and Brazilian cooperatives during the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre. After a long process of debate and continuous reflection, with the impulse of the Federation of Work Co-operatives of Catalonia, the birth of the XES culminates with the signing of the constitution manifesto, in November 2002, and the subsequent Plenary Assembly of Constitution, in February 2003. The XES is organised in various working commissions that are coordinated in plenary assemblies of its members and support entities. We try to ensure that each commission has an average of six people and that they belong to different entities. Depending on the emergence of new themes, new commissions are created that remain active while the theme is in force. The commissions that are currently functioning are: economic, social audit, local networks, fair, intercooperation, feminist economies, training and publications, external relations, communication, care and procommunal.

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