CoopCycle: uberization is not inevitable

Article of RIPESS Europe newsletter, April 2023

aprile 2023

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With Jean-Bernard Robillard, a former courier of the Belgian start-up who made a documentary on his activity1, Basile and a handful of delivery men meet at Place de la République in Paris, during the feverish evenings of the Nuit Debout movement (1). From there, they came up with the idea of giving power back to delivery people through cooperatives, with their own algorithm for connecting restaurants and consumers, in the form of free software : it will be

CoopCycle, created in 2017. “It is a political project, a counter-model to prove that uberization is not inevitable ,” claims Basile Mazade-Lecourbe. This federation currently claims the membership of eighty cooperatives in a dozen countries, in Europe as in North America.

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