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Réseau Intercontinental de Promotion de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire (RIPESS Intercontinental)

RIPESS is a global network of continental networks committed to the promotion of Social Solidarity Economy. The member networks themselves (Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania) bring together national and sectorial networks, thus ensuring strong territorial anchoring. The combined global and local scope gives RIPESS legitimacy to promote SSE, foster intercontinental cooperation, and advocate at different levels.

The inherent nature of RIPESS includes the objective of contributing to systemic, transformative change. It does this by demonstrating how much SSE contributes in terms of real answers at local level to the existing system that is clearly showing its limits. RIPESS members believe in the importance of the globalisation of solidarity, and the ability to build and strengthen an economy that places people and planet at the centre of its activities.


19 Videos | One proposal | 11 Analyses/working papers/articles | 25 Charter/Manifesto | 6 public contributions

19 Videos

One proposal

  • RIPESS statement for the UN DESA the NGO Branch

    Invitation to The Office for Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

    May 2020

    RIPESS Intercontinental

11 Analyses/working papers/articles

25 Charter/Manifesto

6 public contributions