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Welcome to, is an online library dedicated to the social and solidarity economy and its associated concepts. It contains documents in 5 main languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Each page is autonomous, documents are not translated from one language to another, except where indicated. It also contains around 100 documents in Catalan, Greek and German.

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The documents are of several types: publications, analyses, descriptions of initiatives, descriptions of public policies, educational tools, SSE training, student theses, legislation, videos... works in conjunction with 17 other databases, providing access to 35,118 references.

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- read the interventions of a conference ?
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- pedagogical tools ?
- which legislations in favour of ESS exist in the different countries ?
- who are the alternative medias ?
- who are the SSE networks in your region/country/in the world ?
- where are the research centers on SSE in your region/country/in the world ?
- which are the public policies in favour of SSE at the muniicipal/regional/national or international level ?

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- The map of solutions recounts the SSE stories, descriptions of experiences to inspire others.
- Alternative media talk about it on the map "Journalist for solutions"

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The map of initiatives allows you to find it (The Essglobal mapping has been developed as yet for Brasil, Quebec and France)

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- writing a concept definition of SSE in Solecopedia, the encyclopedia of SSE in 7 languages
- sending us a document/ a description of expérience/your thesis/a video /an example of public policy ....


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