SSE Legislations

The Legislation page was born out of the desire to bring together in one place the SSE framework laws in different countries around the world. Then, according to research and with the help of UNTFSSE members and observators, it has been enriched with laws and decrees relating to SSE components: associations, mutual societies, housing cooperatives, indicators, etc.. It does not claim to be exhaustive and is updated regularly.

To understand this page, here are several observations:
1. For laws concerning cooperatives, the ILO maintains a list of these by country.

2. The Legislation page is multilingual. Laws and decrees are in their original language, with very few translations. Documents of international bodies are in several languages.

3. Framework laws are separated. A filter on the left side of the page allows you to select only the framework laws and to see directly which countries have one.

4. Some framework laws are accompanied by their draft law, (if they are not identical) to the extent that this may be of interest to researchers.

5. Some countries have regional laws that are also included here. This is the case, for example, of Provincial laws in Québec or in Italy, or else at a state level in Brasil. A filter on the left side of the page allows you to select only regional/national/continental or international laws.

6. On the index card of each law, you will find common keywords: public policies and SSE legislation. Plus a keyword specific to the law, "associations" for example... By clicking on "associations", you will have access to all the legislations on associations (by language this time).

7. Language management: has pages in 5 languages, all the other languages can be found on the page in English (Arabic, Russian, Croatian, Japanese, etc.).

8. In the search engine, you can also put "association" and find all the legislations on this theme.

9. On the keyword "SSE legislations", you will find additional documents, analyses, videos, pedagogical tools and newspaper articles on the legislative aspects related to some SSE themes.