Réseau Inter-Universitaire de l’économie sociale et solidaire (RIUESS)

Created in 2000, the Inter-University Network of the Social and Solidarity Economy, RIUESS, has more than Thirty-three universities and opens up widely internationally. It allows French-speaking teachers and researchers from various disciplines - economics, sociology, management, law, communication, political science, geography, etc. - to compare their work, in particular through its Annual meetings, and to enrich their training offer.

By forming an association since 2016, RIUESS intends to extend and reinforce the approach that was there since the beginning. It aims to fully participate in current collective debates on the possible future of the ESS, including a greater visibility of its positions and analyzes.

Academic research and training are integral components of the vitality of the ESS, and therefore they need the full recognition of public authorities.


A thesis

One video

53 case studies

121 Analyses/working papers/articles

One charter/manifesto

223 public contributions

6 articles