FEBEA conference in Barcelona: “Ethical banking is no longer a utopia”

Article from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - June 2022

Valorsocial, juin 2022

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More than 120 people representing different European countries (Austria, France, Ireland, Spain, Holland …) have gathered in Barcelona, at the annual Conference of the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers (FEBEA). After three years without the possibility of meeting due to the pandemic, the entities of this European network have valued the consolidation and growth of their way of doing and understanding the economy, positioning themselves as something more than sustainable finance.

Under the title “Credit & Beyond“, throughout the day has been present the will to enhance the consolidation of the work carried out by ethical finance in recent decades, as well as its purpose of positioning itself as referent financier of the social economy and referent of a conception of sustainability that goes beyond environmental work

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