A unanimous cry of dissent against the regime

Word Social Forum of Transformative Economies

Ruben Surinyach Padilla, avril 2019

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By transformative economies, we understand all proposals for socioeconomic reorganization that bring elements of criticism of the dominant economic framework into play, and that formulate schemes for socioeconomic change - both in theory and in practice − that endeavour to alter this framework, and to prevent or alleviate the adverse effects generated by it. The fundamental difference between this and the capitalist economic structure is summed up in two principal axes, which should be the cornerstone of a common narrative: the sustainability of life (in terms of nature, our bodies and our communities) and the equal distribution of power (the democratic and non-profit- seeking organization of the different ways in which systems of production are organized), breaking with the structures and the culture of power established under the current economic order.

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