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Κουκάκι: η Κ.ΑΛ.Ο ξορκίζει το κακό (Koukaki: SSE excuses the evil)

Article of EFSYN, 08/10/2018

Aphrodite Tziantzi, ottobre 2018

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Koukaki, the densely populated but human Athenian neighborhood on the south side of the Philopappou Hill, between the Acropolis, Petralona and Syngrou Avenue, has emerged in the last five years in one of the most sought after districts of the capital.

Combining centrality with the peculiarity, a breath away from the new Acropolis Museum, full of alternative halls and cooperative ventures, Koukaki is the world’s first five-time airbnb, the short-term rental real estate platform.

An interesting initiative of the Participatory Planning Laboratory LOCALidY has chosen Koukaki as an urban field of research into how our social choices transform the site.

The survey was presented publicly in the summer that took us to the two-day seminar of Solidarity Schools at the Higher School of Fine Arts, a workshop on Social and Solidarity Economy and Education.

The research focuses on how collective collective initiatives and social and solidarity economic ventures not only give life to the city but also work coherently for the social fabric by reducing the trend of « padlocks ».