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Οι Ενεργειακές Κοινότητες σε αναμονή (Energy Communities on Hold)

Article of EFSYN, 25/06/2018

Ioanna Sotirchou, giugno 2018

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An open letter to the Minister of Environment and Energy, George Stathakis, on the delay in the adoption of the ministerial decision required to complete the institutional framework for the Energy Communities.

The Energy Communities (Law 4513/2018) bring a significant breakthrough in the country’s energy sector. They enable households, businesses and local authorities to play an active role in the production, storage and sale of clean energy, as well as in the energy transition of the country.

Since the law passed in January, several initiatives have emerged, especially from municipalities, which see that through energy communities they have the opportunity to save resources that they could then allocate to develop innovative social policies such as for example, to address the energy poverty experienced by one in three households in Greece.