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BECOMING A BUTTERFLY: The Paradigm Shift from Inequality to Solidarity


Julie Matthaei, octobre 2017

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The current state of the U.S., and of the world, is terrifying. Indeed, it seems as if the world as we know it may be coming to an end. The future of life on the planet is being threatened by climate change. There is a serious possibility that our trigger-happy president could precipitate a global nuclear war with North Korea. Other serious crises -- from rampant inequality, political corruption, war, pollution, gun violence, health -- not to mention President Donald Trump’s efforts to turn back the clock on over a half a century of progress on civil rights and women’s rights -- make it difficult to watch the news.

But something ELSE is also going on, something that isn’t being reported in the mainstream media, that is going unnoticed…and that something else is the subject of this book. Yes, things are looking bad for the caterpillar – but something else is emerging, something even more beautiful and wonderful – an economy and society built on the principles of cooperation, justice, respect, mutuality, sustainability, freedom, and diversity. My goal for this book is to contribute to the ongoing paradigm shift by making it visible to those already involved in it, but unaware of the fact – and to those who would like to be involved, if they knew about it. In this book, I will help you identify the processes through which this new paradigm is emerging – a process which I describe as a shift from inequality to solidarity – so that you can recognize it, participate in it, and come together with others who are part of the shift.

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