Beyond Policy ‘Lock-In’? The Social Economy and Bottom-Up Sustainability

Canadian Review of Social Policy / Revue canadienne de politique sociale, 2012, no 67

Mike Gismondi, Kailey Cannon, 2012

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Social economy innovation in sustainability is altering policy environments. The activities of green social organizations combine social and ecological missions in ways that pose new questions across sometimes discrete policy silos and levels, identify emergent policy problems and solutions, and generate new alliances of social actors who pressure for ecologically sound and socially “just” change. In this paper we analyze a series of green social economy organizations that integrate social concerns with climate and ecological concerns. In our analysis we discuss their efforts at “bottom-up” social innovation and policy development. We conclude with a critique of the ways in which the culture of policy-making acts as an obstacle to the transition towards a greater sustainable future.

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