A Economia Solidária diante das Desigualdades

Dados - Revista de Ciências Sociais, 2007 50(3). Universidade Candido Mendes

Hans Benno Asseburg, Luiz Inácio Gaiger, 2007

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Résumé :

Based on empirical evidences gathered from researches about exemplary experiences in solidary economy, the article discusses the expectations associated to this kind of experiences in face of the question of inequality. In evaluating indicators related to egalitarian principles, it estimates the benefits brought by those undertakings, as well as their limitations when it comes to improve and equalize the life conditions of their participants. Comparing such conclusions with other empirical studies, and considering the debate on the roots of inequalities, the article relates the virtues of the solidary economy to the social protagonism it propitiates to workers, a condition for them to escape from the circles of deprivation, subalternity and disregard reserved to them by the dominant social order.