Local Currencies in European History: an Analytical Framework

A discussion of local currencies in European history, starting with the end of medieval times and ending with the 1970s, leading to the presentation of an analytical framework that should be useful in order to understand today’s local currencies movement. (Text presented at the Monetary Regionalisation conference, 28-29th September 2006, Weimar, Germany.)

Jérôme Blanc, septembre 2006

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Following an introduction, the text presents the analytical framework through which European history of local currencies will be viewed. Section three deals with cases of local currencies issued as answers to situations of necessity, section four deals with local currencies issued from banks, and section five deals with local currencies mainly issued by civil organisations and aiming to change the nature of money and, beyond, the economic organization of society. Section six concludes and tries to establish differences between local currencies from today and those from the past.