Solikon 2015 - Forum Solidarische Ôkonomie Berlin 2015


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The Solidarity Economy European Congress took place from the 5th of September to the 13th of September 2015 at the Technical University in Berlin, Germany.

From Saturday 5th of September to Thursday 10th of September 2015 the “Transformation Week” took place with visits to more than 70 projects all over Berlin and Brandenburg (the surrounding area).

On the 10th of September, the congress started with a regional (Berlin and Brandenburg) focus. In the course of the congress, both national and international dimensions were adressed with hot topics like trade (TTIP and other trade agreements), climate change, fair trade and positive examples of the regional fora for solidarity economy in Latin America, as well as in other continents like Asia and Africa. There was also a focus on convergences among different alternative economy movements.

The main organizer of the congress has been the German Forum for Solidarity Economy. Co-­organizers were the ZTG (Center for Technology and Society at the Tech University Berlin), the ZEWK (Centre for Scientific Further Education and Cooperation at the TU Berlin) and RIPESS Europe and other 40 other partners.


Congress on Solidarity Economy and transformation

We know other ways!

We are in the midst of a multiple crisis: economical and social, with high rates of unemployment especially among young people, dwindling state revenues and public spaces as a result of large scale privatization, climate change, destruction of the environment and of biodiversity, land grabbing and run on the last resources.

However: We know other ways!

The economy of short circuits and of happiness … already exists! Global movements of Solidarity Economy and related approaches like « Commons », « Economics for the Common Good », " Transition Towns », « Post-Growth », « Sharing Economy » can count on a growing number of supporters. Solidarity Economy (SE) means producing in order to meet the needs of people based on voluntary cooperation, self-management and mutual aid.

SE is an alternative to the current profit oriented and competition based mode of production. Its roots go back to traditional and indigenous community reproduction, including “commons” and to the cooperative movement that originated in Christian social ethics and in the early socialist movements. This drive emerged again as the Alternative Economy and the solidarity movements of the 1970s and 80s and, more recently, in the movement for organic farming, fair trading and renewable energies.

Alternative ways of production today also offer great practical and cultural potential for the necessary transformation, but they are not visible in society at large.

For this reason we organized a congress on solidarity economy 2015 in Berlin, to put the spotlight on the already existing alternatives and their potential.

Solikon-Wandelwoche - die Praxiswoche der Solidarischen Ökonomie

Der Film zur Solikon-Wandelwoche - die Praxiswoche der Solidarischen Ökonomie vom 05.-09. September 2015

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