Chandra Firmantoko ST

Chandra Firmantoko ST – Indonesia – ASEC

Chandra Firmantoko ST. is a Director of SukaPawitra, a socio-entrepreneur majoring in agribusiness and waste management in Indonesia. He used his experiences in multinational companies to deliver the values of social solidarity economy through his entrepreneurship. He spreads his good practices to communities across Indonesia, and empowers them to replicate based on their local wisdoms. Rural people in the villages are to whom closely he promotes social solidarity economy since the majority of economy actors are in the grass roots and the origin of social solidarity is villagers; through collaboration with local government and local CSOs. Currently, he is also a Board Member of Yayasan Bina Swadaya (Self-Reliance Foundation) in Indonesia, a social enterprise with the mission of community development and poverty alleviation. Not only encourage grass roots initiatives, he also promotes their good practices to international through ASEC networks.

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