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A design of Complementary Community Currencies for education

Josep Lluis de la Rosa, marzo 2009

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This paper proposes a design for complementary community currencies for education communities to boost cooperation of the more advanced students with the less advanced ones. Its design follows two goals:

motivating students to learn by doing extra homework (effort) and share knowledge with younger students (tutoring), and shifting the role of teachers towards a more supervisory, tutoring and dynamic tasks. The

hypothesis, following a Brazilian example, is that colleges may accept as payment for their tuitions not only conventional legal currencies, but also educational complementary currencies. The traditional grants

policies based on personal effort will be paid with bunnies, and modern community tutoring effort will be paid with knowls. The bunnies and knowls will be obtained as a reward of doing homework and providing help for homework, respectively, and as an expected result, students will have more solid knowledge background at all levels resulting from their boosted personal and community effort.

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