Feminisms/feminist economy

The FE has been building critiques and reflections in all thematic fields of economics and in relation to the different schools of thought, making a particular critique of neoclassical theory. Several of the fundamental contributions it has made are the rethinking of the concept of work and the role of care and the sexual division of labour.

The FE argues that the main economic goal of society is the sustainability of life. This implies positing the existence of care and affection needs that are not present in the market, the central axis of the economic and production relations of the capitalist system, and that, therefore, not all needs can be covered by (monetised) material resources.

Feminist Economics and the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) share an interest in placing life at the centre of the economy. Feminist economics also stresses that it is not possible to advance towards the sustainability of life without turning the economic system upside down, i.e. rethinking our activities from the field of care and introducing changes that, with a gender perspective, correct the inequalities of the system in which we live, from public institutions to the private sphere, including social and solidarity economy organisations and enterprises.

The SSE must position itself in all these debates and contribute to the feminist project of building non-sexist and non-patriarchal societies because no alternative proposal can be built without transforming the relations of power and inequality between women and men and because the best way to break with capitalist logic is to recover the importance of bodies, affection and care.

There are many areas in which we can and must work for the deployment of a Solidarity and Feminist Economy; from the field of public policies; from the mainstreaming of the feminist perspective within our organisations and our projects; from the generation of alliances with the feminist movement, etc.

The joint articulation of the feminist and solidarity vision is therefore one of the challenges to ultimately strengthen the practices of SSE organisations and entities from feminist contributions and perspectives in order to enhance their transformative capacity.

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