rreuse A network Symbol of Sustainable Development in Practice

RREUSE represents social enterprises active in reuse, repair and recycling. We want the EU and national governments to move from promoting just recycling and waste management to putting secondhand first.

Our priorities

Reuse targets

We are asking the European Commission to promote reuse targets above recycling in the revised Circular Economy Package.

Better design

Smart legislation to boost the durability and repairability of products is critical to environmental protection.

Approved reuse centres

Thousands of green jobs can be created through developing reuse centres and networks.

Supporting social enterprise

Many reuse centres in Europe employ thousands of people traditionally at risk of socio-economic exclusion.


Our members employ people at risk of socio-economic exclusion and help bring them back into work.

In addition they bring products back to the market at affordable prices providing essential household items to low income groups.

Approximately 77,000 employees and over 60,000 volunteers and trainees work within our 29 member networks across 16 EU countries and one in the USA.

The main activities of our members include