Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN)


The Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN) seeks to improve people’s lives through Fair Trade alternatives by providing information, leadership, and inspiration. FTRN gathers, develops, and disseminates educational resources to people and organizations interested in the movement to build a more just and sustainable world through Fair Trade.

Our Vision

As a result of FTRN’s work, the Fair Trade movement will expand significantly in breadth and depth. More consumers and businesses will insist that the Fair Trade principles of accountability, transparency, cooperation, and respect for human labor be integrated into production, trade, and consumption activities.

We are committed to creating positive change in the world by empowering consumers with an understanding of the impact of their purchasing choices and by educating businesses about the impact of their trading practices. We believe that the resulting expanded economic opportunities created by Fair Trade will benefit all, particularly the world’s most disadvantaged.

Guiding Values

We at the Fair Trade Resource Network believe that a system of Fair Trade — built on mutually beneficial relationships that value integrity, accountability, and transparency — will: