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Demos is a public policy organization working for an America where we all have an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy.

Our name means “the people.” It is the root word of democracy, and it reminds us that in America, the true source of our greatness is the diversity of our people. Our nation’s highest challenge is to create a democracy that truly empowers people of all backgrounds, so that we all have a say in setting the policies that shape opportunity and provide for our common future. To help America meet that challenge, Demos is working to reduce both political and economic inequality, deploying original research, advocacy, litigation, and strategic communications to create the America the people deserve.

Demos’ work is guided by three overarching commitments:

  • Achieving true democracy by reducing the role of money in politics and guaranteeing the freedom to vote,

  • Creating pathways to ensure a diverse, expanded middle class in a new, sustainable economy, and

  • Transforming the public narrative to elevate the values of community and racial equity.

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One publication