Green Economics Institute

The Green Economics Institute is the business that spread this message over the last 10 years and is leading thinking in this new

global transformation. It has managed to completely reformulate economics and business speak into a viable and meaningful tool

which is designed to help all people everywhere, prevent poverty as a given assumption, consider other species, nature and the planet

and its systems. It has been modelled upon and heavily influenced by, its corporate hi tech background in global communication

systems, and logistics and supply chain management, and IT. Its strategies which are participatory, cooperative and inclusive and are

based on equity. It uses knowledge and methods from corporate training for business transformation, combined with robust science,

from Oxford University and involvement with cutting edge business product development and leading industrial change from within

as well as first hand knowledge and creation of green dialogues for 30 years. Its Director is a member of Oxford University’s

Environmental Change Institute, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC and also the Institute has its own delegation

to the COP Process and the Kyoto Protocol and in its team it has several Nobel Prize winners and also the creator of the Carbon

Market and the Kyoto Protocol economics as well as the Kyoto 2 concept. Thus it has been able to create this new trading

opportunity which has spread right round the world. Information to help businesses can be found in its publications and in its

academic and business journals, books and policy briefings to government and technology including the coming changes in IT!

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