Bina Swadaya Foundation, Indonesia

Bina Swadaya was founded by Ikatan Petani Pancasila (Pancasila Farmers Association) on May 24, 1967. It was initially named Yayasan Sosial Tani Membangun (Peasant Socio-economic Development Foundation). The establishment of Bina Swadaya was thereby related to the existence of Gerakan Sosial Pancasila (Pancasila Social Movement) comprising Laborers, Farmers, Fishermen, Paramedics and Entrepreneurs established since 1954. The goal of Pancasila Social Movement was to empower community in accordance with the ideal of independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

To reach its vision and to carry out its missions Bina Swadaya diverts its activities into seven categories as follows:

1. Community Empowerment

2. Micro Finance Development

3. Agribusiness Development

4. Development Communication

5. Alternative Tourism Development

6. Printing Services

7. Provide facilities for meeting, training, workshop and seminar

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