Audio : What can the social and solidarity economy do for recovery?

ILO The Future of Work podcasts, May 31, 2022

May 2022

Summary :

These are uncertain times. Inflation has returned. A post-Covid recovery is under threat. These problems will need innovative solutions.

One option attracting attention is the social and solidarity economy, which will be the subject of a discussion at this year’s International Labour Conference.

The Social and Solidarity economy is sometimes described as a third sector; neither private or public sector enterprises, but an approach in which economic activities and projects are founded on the principle of solidarity.

One of the better-known forms of solidarity economy activity is the cooperative. These are enterprises that are owned, governed, and run by their members. What are the challenges that cooperatives face to operate well? How can cooperatives contribute to building resilient economies?


Nadine Moawad is co-founder of the Dikkeneh consumer cooperative, in Beirut, Lebanon. She also advises other cooperatives in her country and has developed a training manual for cooperatives in times of crisis.

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