Film : Food for the planet

gennaio 2022

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A new film from Awevo follows four Sustainable Food Partnerships and their work to bring sustainable food – and with it new opportunities, friendship, jobs and education - to their communities. The film focusses on key aspects of action that can help tackle climate change through food:

  • Food Wise Leeds, and their work with Leeds Council to serve healthy and planet-friendly meals in schools

  • ShefFood, who are growing food in the urban fringes in Sheffield – creating great local produce with new jobs in nature

  • Food Newcastle’s work to inspire the next generation of food entrepreneurs, including supporting businesses to tackle food waste, repurpose leftovers and educate communities about reducing food sent to landfill

  • Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, who held a low carbon lunch to celebrate the range of action in their area and look at new opportunities for action.

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