Alternative Economic Spaces

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Andrew Leyshon, Roger Lee, Colin C. Williams, Sage Publications Ltd, London, UK., 2003

In the context of problems in the « new economy » - from start-ups, high-technology, and telecoms - Alternative Economic Spaces presents a critical evaluation of alternatives to the global economic mainstream. It focuses on the emergence of alternative economic geographies within developed economies and analyzes the emergence of alternative economic practices within industrialized countries. These include the creation of institutions like Local Exchange and Trading Systems, Credit Unions, and other social economy initiatives; and the development of alternative practices from informal work to the invention of consumption sites that act as alternatives to the monoply of the ‘big-box’, multi-chain retail outlets.

Alternative Economic Spaces is a reconsideration of what is meant by the ‘economic’ in economic geography; its objective is to bring together some of the ways in which this is being undertaken. The volume shows how the ‘economic’ is being rethought in economic geography by detailing new economic geographies as they are emerging in practice.