The New Systems Reader : Alternatives to a failed economy

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Edited by James Gustave Speth, Kathleen Courrier, Democracy Collaborative, January 2021

The recognition is growing: truly addressing the problems of the 21st century requires going beyond small tweaks and modest reforms to business as usual—it requires « changing the system. » But what does this mean? And what would it entail?

The New Systems Reader highlights some of the most thoughtful, substantive, and promising answers to these questions as the world grapples with the effects of a global pandemic on top of the looming climate crisis, chronic structural racism, and worsening wealth inequities. The book draws on the work and ideas of some of the world’s key thinkers and activists on systemic change.

Amid the failure of traditional politics and policies to address our fundamental challenges, an increasing number of thoughtful proposals and real-world models suggest new possibilities. This book convenes an essential conversation about the future we want.

The New Systems Reader  features the work of…

Kali Akuno • Michael Albert • Gar Alperovitz • Hans A. Baer • David Bollier • Marvin T. Brown • Jenny Cameron • Libbie Cohn • Andrew Cumbers • Kelly Dombroski • Riane Eisler • Nia K. Evans • Christian Felber • Lorenzo Fioramonti • J.K. Gibson-Graham • Jessica Gordon Nembhard • Gus Hagelberg • Robin Hahnel • Sacajawea Hall • Stephen Healy • Tim Jackson • Zitto Kabwe • Emily Kawano • Lane Kenworthy • David C. Korten • Michael T. Lewis • Henning Meyer • Ethan Miller • Paul Raskin • John Restakis • David Schweickart • Michael H. Shuman • Richard Smith • James Gustave (“Gus”) Speth • Aaron Tanaka • Peter A. Victor • Ed Whitfield • Richard D. Wolff