International Guide to Fair Trade labels.

A reference tool to better understand the guarantees of fair trade labels, standards, monitoring measures and how they differ from sustainable development labels

Summary :

This guide’s main objectives are as follows: To provide a comprehensive overview of the issues at stake in labelling.

  • To analyze the content and the monitoring measures of the labels that overtly claims to be fair trade, allowing professionals and consumers to evaluate each label and compare them to others making similar claims.

  • To underline the specific features of fair trade guarantee systems/labels in comparison with other sustainable development labels.

  • To synthesize academic research on the identified impacts of both fair trade and sustainable development labels.

This guide has been mainly designed for professionals and institutional partners (local and regional authorities, State services, companies, works committee) of the fair trade sector in order to make fair trade professional purchases easier.

Consumers’ associations, NGOs and development actors as well as academics will find in this guide accurate information to clarify their understanding of fair trade standards and facilitate their work to enhance producers’ organizations in the South.

Sources :

La Plate-forme du Commerce Equitable