The Community Compass. An aid to orientation for community projects.

Der Gemeinschaftskompass, aprile 2021

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The Community Compass gives a simple and easy-to-apply answer to the question: What makes communitarian projects successful? To which aspects shall they pay attention during their development?

With the seven aspects of the Community Compass: Individuals, Community, Intention, Structure, Practice, Harvest and Society, all relevant felds for the development of communitarian projects are identifed.

Individuals and Community are the conscious core of the Community Compass, they are the key for project development for communitarian projects.

With this easy scheme, the community compass opens up a multitude of possible appliances, to analyse and work on processes in groups, to enhance consciousness and constructive development in groups and community projects.

Its focus is any group that is collectively and voluntarily approaching any issue – so its main focus are community groups, political and social initiatives and associations. It can as well be applied for businesses with a strong idealistic and collective background.

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