ISSE Initiatives for a Social and Solidarity Economy. Portfolio of competences in SSE.


To download : PDF (6.3 MiB)

Summary :

his portfolio is the fruit of work between European partners and is part of the Erasmus+ project ISSE. Its focus is the Social and Solidarity Economy (Social Enterprise in the UK) and young people. This tool was created from an exploration of the different SSE experiences in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Greece and involved the direct experiences of people active within different SSE domains.

You can use it as a guide in your pathway in or towards SSE : What is your profile ? What are your competences ? What are the training-courses you intend to follow ?

Built upon the basis of 10 profile-types, under which different jobs or activities within SSE are sorted. You will find transversal competences in SSE common to all profiles, but with the most important competence and specific competences to each profile highlighted.

Guiding questions will help you compose your own profile and the SSE competences you need to start or continue your journey.