European Handbook on Community Supported Agriculture

setembro 2013

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The European Handbook on Community Supported Agriculture has been published as part of the Community Supported Agriculture for Europe project coordinated by Urgenci and conducted 2011-2013 with the following organisations:

ATTAC, Austria;

CEPTA, Slovakia;

DIO, Greece;

Gute Erde Kattendorf, Germany;

PRO-BIO LIGA, Czech Republic;

Soil Association, United Kingdom;

TVE, Hungary.

This handbook has been written by a collective authors belonging to Community supported Agriculture -initiatives in 8 different European countries: Jade Bashford, Kathleen Cross, Wolfgang Eichinger Andreas Georgakakis, Morgane Iserte, Fabian Kern, Daniel Lešinský, Stephan Pabst, Jocelyn Parot, Zsófia Perényi, Jan Valeška and Maike Wendland.


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