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T-Kit 8: Social Inclusion

Council of Europe European Union. Edited by Adina Marina Călăfăteanu, Miguel Angel García López, November 2017

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Summary :

The T-Kit series is the result of a collective effort involving people from different cultural, professional and organisational backgrounds. Youth trainers, youth leaders in NGOs and professional writers have worked together in order to create high quality publications, which would address the needs of the target group while recognising the diversity of approaches across Europe to each subject.



Part 1. Social inclusion in Europe

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Definitions

Chapter 3. Forms of exclusion

Chapter 4. How to reach all

Chapter 5. Young people and their context

Chapter 6. Different working contexts

Chapter 7. Youth work and social inclusion

Chapter 8. Practice

Part II - Educational activities and projects


List of activities

1. Awareness: the realities of social exclusion:

1.1. Outsiders

1.2. Disabilities race

1.3.Preconceptions of young people with fewer opportunities

1.4. Human needs jigsaw

1.5. Jigsaw of hulan rights

1.6. Projects

2. Access: empowering and inclusive activities and actions

2.1 Don’t laugh at me!

2.2. Self-esteem - the importance of feeling valued

2.3. Everybody has skills - measuring personalities

2.4. Image theatre

2.5. Changing the outcome

2.6. Projects

3. Action: support mechanisms for inclusion

3.1. Snakes and ladders

3.2. Put yourself in our hands

3.3. Postcards

3.4. Peer education - school of freedom

3.5. Enter dignityland!

3.6. Projects

4. Accreditation: recognition of experience, progress and achievements

4.1. Learning journal/blog - a personal journal to record learning

4.2. Projects

5. Advancement: supportive stepping stones towards inclusion

5.1. Who is there?

5.2. Projects