Brandon, MB, Canada - Brando University – Rural & Community Studies (BA)

We live in an increasingly complex world where changing trade patterns, new political alignments, rapid technological growth, pressure to compete globally in international markets and the rapid depletion of natural resources are accelerating the rate of social change. In this situation, we all have questions about environmental sustainability, population decline, safe disposal of hazardous waste, and maintenance of safe and secure access to fresh potable water supplies, access to high-quality medical care and the future of the family farm. These questions need to be balanced against the perceived benefits of continuous economic growth and development, increased industrialization, quality of life and full-time employment.

The Rural and Community Studies Program offers a multidisciplinary opportunity to examine the implications of some of the changes rural society is currently experiencing. You will examine some of the problems these changes are creating for rural people, and gain an understanding of solutions being used and proposed.


Brandon University

Department of Rural Development