Time and How It is Used: Proposals for a Sustainable Development

This document is the result of several years’ work in Belgium on the management of time in our societies, and the perspective of evolution to a system of sustainable development.

Nicolas De Rauglaudre, July 2001

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Summary :

The issue of time raises a large number of social, political, and cultural questions for which it is perhaps difficult to find an overall solution.

However, a certain number of structural directions are identified regarding:

- the difficulty for post-modern society to abandon a quantitative appreciation of time, in particular in the world of work, and the right to « qualitative » time (for training, being a citizen, thinking, etc.);

- the need to link the different rhythms marking our societies, particularly with respect to governance;

- better use of the activity of those who have time (the elderly, the unemployed);

- better education regarding time and the long term; this is necessary if we are to evolve toward sustainable development - especially in order to understand that time has a structure that can be controlled and not simply submitted to.