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Article from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - January 2022

Judith Hitchman, janeiro 2022

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URGENCI’s e-learning hub has been developing since autumn 2019, to provide solid answers to these relevant questions. A new, improved and more comprehensive version of the Hub was launched in November 2021 (hub.urgenci.net). The Hub has been conceived as a comprehensive digital tool used to advance the learning mission. It is designed around the idea of creating an online “Village” where visitors can enter to connect and engage with the wider community, find and share resources, venture down a learning pathway, or choose a course from the growing repertoire of courses. The Hub is a tool to support a community of learning and relies on two central axes to realise its vision: static content delivery with clear and intuitive thematic areas that provide easy access to any multimedia to be uploaded; and a dynamic learning interface with the possibility to host and run online courses as well as a mentoring programme. URGENCI’s hub fully supports and integrates a broad blended learning approach.

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