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Αναζητήσαμε ένα διαφορετικό μοντέλο «Ανάπτυξης» (We are looking for a different « Growth » model)

Article of EFSYN, 11/06/2018

Michael Burgos, giugno 2018

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The versions and models of the Social and Solidarity Economy differ from each other as much as the ideas, needs and practices of the people involved in them. The text hosted today, in the context of dialogue with collectives operating in the growing galaxy of SSE, proposes a « different development model » - against the logic of the privatization of natural resources called « valorisation ». A growth with an emphasis on the public, in the public interest and in collective prosperity, instead of speculation against nature and communities.

It was the theme pf the meeting, which took place at the Law School of Athens on Saturday, June 2, « Looking for a Different Model of Development » « .

Were present: Stamatis Arnaoutis, Vangelis Galanopoulos, Tonia Katerini, George Kolempas, Antonios Lazaris, John Leventidis George Lier, John Billy, Michael Burgos, Anthony Broome, George Papanicolaou, Helen Portaliou Stamatis Stefanakos, Emmanuella Terzopoulou, Nephele Tzanetakou Panagiotis Chalemos Nikos Chrysogelos , as rapporteurs and coordinators.