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Κ.ΑΛ.Ο.: η ευημερία των πολλών πάνω από την ευημερία του ατόμου (SSE the prosperity of many above the well-being of the individual)

Article of EFSYN, 02/07/2018

Ioanna Sotirchou, July 2018

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Summary :

« We have to get people out of the idea of ​​having luxury cars and huge homes. Some of the houses that have been built over the past ten years seem to me repulsive. Why do people need huge homes? (…). Some of our views on what a good life means, I think, will not help us for the next fifty years. We must think well how to choose a meaningful life where we will be helping each other in ways that really help the Earth.  »

With or without judgment, these words seek a deeper meaning in life that frees them from greed and consumption. And maybe they point the way to another organization of society and economy.