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Ενα Δίκαιο Νόμισμα στα χέρια των πολλών και… όχι των τραπεζών (A Currency in the hands of many and … not of banks)

Article of EFSYN, 16.042018

Lena Kyriakidi, aprile 2018

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An alternative, ecological, digital currency with a social design is FairCoin for transactions in which bank and state control can not interfere or intervene.

As a tool for a fairer human-to-human economy and as a « good hacking » in the global financial system, they present, among other things, the FairCoop members, which have adopted it in its self-managed socio-economic system for the transition to a post-capitalist era of equality.

With FairCoin electronic wallets, traders can buy products, goods and services from a network of local and global markets that support the values ​​of solidarity, cooperation, ethics and transparency.