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Ας μην τρέφουμε αυταπάτες περί «ηθικού καπιταλισμού» (Let us not have delusions about « ethical capitalism »)

Article of EFSYN, 07/05/2018

Aphrodite Tziantzi, maggio 2018

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« Social enterprise does not amount to social change ». With this finding, self-evident for some, blasphemous for those who drink wine in the name of « start-up innovation », speaks one of the most important political activists and theorists of US movements, Marshal Ganz, a lecturer at Harvard University. The 75-year-old veteran of the 60s student movement, a longtime executive of the United Farm Workers of America, is considered to be the chief expert in modern US grassroot movements. These are community-based organizations with an anti-hierarchical and participatory nature that have inspired greater currents, such as campaigns against neoliberal globalization or modern ecological movements.

Ganz, a former counselor of the Obama election campaign, signed with two of his younger academic associates (Tamara Kay and Jason Spicer), a burning article in Stanford’s Social Innovation Review (, one of the most influential academics periodicals on « social innovation » and the very broad area it covers.

The important article was translated into Greek by the collaborative space for the social and solidarity economy « Dock », within the framework of the infopoint - information node on SSE issues.