Initiatives, Chains and Networking for Transformation

Degrowth in movement(s): Solidarity Economy

Dagmar Embshoff, Clarita Müller-Plantenberg,, Giuliana Giorgi, gennaio 2017

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How is the relation between the degrowth movement and other social movements and perspectives? What can the degrowth movement learn from these other movements? And the other way around, what can other social movements and perspectives learn from each other as well as from degrowth ideas and practices? What common proposals, but also which contradictions, oppositions and tensions exist? What alliances could be possible?

In 32 essays, representatives of different social movements, currents or initiatives discuss these and other questions.

Solidarity Economy

By using the concept of the ‘solidarity economy’ as a starting point here, we are building on initiatives in other parts of the world, raising awareness of them. This makes us all stronger, for example when we make political demands for recognition, support and better conditions. The academic world encompasses a very broad range of activities on the solidarity economy, based on cooperation, self-administration, a focus on the common good, and links to nature. In the meantime, many other movements have also developed (transition towns, economy for the common good, degrowth, commons, sharing economy, collaborative economy, demonetisation etc.)

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