Family farming products on menus in school feeding: a partnership for promoting healthy eating

Ciência Rural, Santa Maria, Online

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The aim of this study was to characterize the process of buying Family Farming (FF) food for the Brazilian School Feeding Program (BSFP) and compare the quality of menus served to the schoolchildren before and after the implementation of Law n. 11,947/09. This is an observational cross-sectional study developed with application of semi-structured questionnaire and evaluating menus. Eighty-two cities from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil participated of the study. Of these cities reported, 74.1% performed the purchase of products of FF for BSFP. The lack of interest of farmers and the defi cient hygienic and sanitary conditions were the main diffi culties reported. The quality of the menus offered to the schoolchildren improved signifi cantly after the implementation of FF purchases. The partnership between FF and BSFP can contribute greatly to the development of healthy eating habits, not only by offering better nutritional quality menus, but also by implementing of nutritional education activities guided by the sustainable production and consumption of food.

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